About Shelly

Welcome to Loving Food and Life. I’m Shelly. I am the writer of this blog.

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A few things about me:

My favorite meal is breakfast. You will see how much I love eggs!

I am a beverage junkie. I swoon over fresh squeezed juice. I concoct many variations of gingery tea in my kitchen like a scientist. I appreciate good tasting water. I attend coffee cuppings and wine tastings. There is so much to learn about coffee, tea, wine, and beer. I can’t stop!

I appreciate knowing where my food comes from. My favorite shopping is done at the farmers market.

I love to grow my own veggies and herbs.

The sensory experience of eating fills me with so much joy!

Texture, flavor, color, taste, smells….

I thrive when I am in a community that cares about food, especially my own kitchen.

I am on a focused journey of personal growth. I use cooking as an avenue for creativity and connecting with self.

Food is timeless. Food connects people no matter what differences we may have. Food is universal and in one way or another, it feeds our souls.

I want to create a space to connect with others on this journey of self-love and creativity. Please join me for a sweet and savory ride!

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